MarketCycle Explained

MarketCycle Wealth Management’s proprietary system of investing:

  • The repetitive market cycle can be divided into three roughly equal parts based upon interest rate direction and activity.  Some investment assets out-perform when interest rates are low and stable… other assets out-perform when interest rates are rising or holding at high levels… and certain protective assets out-perform during high-risk recessionary conditions (as in 2008).
  • We switch positions every few years to exploit these changing market cycle conditions.
  • With 75% of the diversified portfolio, we utilize lower-risk, lower-volatility investments.  This allows us the opportunity to beat the market during difficult periods and this translates to beating over longer time-frames.
  • With 25% of the diversified portfolio, we are either very aggressive when risk levels are low… or very protective when risk levels are high.  These alternating holding periods usually last for over one year (reducing taxes).
  • We continually calculate economic recession probabilities for the United States (and globally).
  • We follow long-term secular cycles in assets and currencies and commodities and this affects our portfolio allocations and strategies.  Money is always allocated to areas likely to out-perform.
  • We continually monitor the relative strength of countries and currencies so that we know which region of the globe contains the most strength.
  • We are experts in all matters regarding the repeating market cycle.
  • We work with clients all across the globe and can trade in multiple currencies and exchanges.


Our goal, simply put, is to make money for our clients in all market conditions.

$10 invested in 1928, and not touched, would have been worth only $17,020 in the year 2000, but $10 invested in 1928, while avoiding the 30 worst bear market months during this period, would have been worth $1,864,400 in the year 2000.

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MarketCycle Wealth Management | Stephen Aust
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