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MarketCycle… investment account management:

  1. Lower risk & volatility
  2. Stronger & steadier profits
  3. Portfolios that effectively exploit the repeating ‘bull-bear’ market cycle 
  4. ‘Socially Responsible’ assets used whenever possible

Are you like most investors?  Do you gravitate toward popular investments and then panic when the market drops?  Do you believe that profits are paramount and that watching risk is of lesser importance?

We believe that this is risky thinking.  Here’s a better approach:  Carefully selected lower-volatility assets that can match the market’s gains during profitable periods and then beat the market during corrections and bearish-recessions.  So, every time the market drops, your investment portfolio can actually leap ahead of the market.  This can generate a smoother path to true out-performance and it can beat aggressive styles of investing while decreasing the emotional roller-coaster.  Remember, the tortoise always beats the hare.


Our Advisory name is MarketCycle because our goal is to exploit and beat the market cycle.  Markets move through repetitive market cycles that contain multi-year bullish-expansionary periods that are followed by bearish-recessionary periods… and occasionally they trend sideways.  We periodically re-position our portfolios in order to excel & beat during these changing market conditions.

MarketCycle Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Advisory in the United States, but we also work with clients on an international basis via our international brokerage. All clients benefit from the strict U.S. regulations and oversight.  All of our separately managed accounts hold SIPC insurance.  We utilize socially responsible investments whenever possible.  Your first three months with MarketCycle are free and our management fee is low and reasonable.  We earn our keep.


As an example of totally unsolicited and verbatim client testimonials, the following was extracted from client emails during and just after the Covid-19 Bear Market Crash of March 2020:

  • “I am so impressed with the amount of time that you spend in order to make all of the necessary decisions.”
  • “Your client updates speak volumes about your deep and rich experience and knowledge.”
  • “Thank you for your recent client market updates!  I much appreciate these, especially in these volatile times.”
  • “From your mouth to God’s ear!”
  • “The investment world has become so complex that it really needs trusted advisors such as yourself to navigate effectively.”
  • “Excellent work!!!  Amazing how accurate you are in your analysis.”
  • “Great job in navigating this mess.”
  • “Thanks for looking out for us.  It’s appreciated, and in my experience with advisors, not necessarily to be expected.”
  • “You were spot on by calling the likely market bottom on March 23/24.  It was similar to your indication of the likely bottom (in a client update) directly following 2018’s Christmas Eve low.  This is very hard to do and on both occasions, you were one of the few to make the correct call.  This is very impressive and I want to thank you for correctly navigating both the portfolios and your clients (via updates) through this.”
  • “Just wanted you to know that I’m enjoying watching my account rise almost daily!”
  • “I’m writing to say that you sure know how to “call ’em” regarding our portfolios.  Looking good!  Thanks for all of the hard work you put in.” 
  • “We are thrilled at the profits!”
  • “Thank you Steph!  I really love your analysis on everything (markets, economy, health & well-being).  You are truly gifted.”


Jon Taylor, in his book, Investment Timing and the Business Cycle states thatthe potential for enhancing investment returns in the equity market through market timing and market cycle analysis is significant.”  And according to Bud Conrad, author of Profiting from the World’s Economic Crisis, “Market cycles can not only be observed, their patterns are repetitious enough to be traded.”  



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Market Cycle Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Advisor for separately managed accounts seeking steady, low risk profits.

Contact  Stephen Aust: 1-800-MWM-8635

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