Covid-19 Statistics



COVID-19 Statistics  (updated DAILY by 12:00 PM EST):

  • The number of total cases is unknowable since almost all testing is done in hospitals on extreme cases.  There are likely millions of cases that have resolved with no complications & minimal symptoms and some with no symptoms at all.
  • The most vulnerable are those with compromised lung function, such as in smokers & those who vape or have an autoimmune disease.
  • Death is usually caused via a secondary pneumonia in those whose health is already compromised and this is via a cytokine storm created by the patient’s own immune system.
  • The trajectory for the ‘death rate’ for the United States peaked in mid-April.
  • The prestigious New England Journal of Medicine is reporting that the global death rate is much lower than reported, at 0.1% of all patients that have actually contracted COVID-19 and 0.004% of the total world population.
  • As a matter of national policy, if a person dies that has COVID-19, regardless of the cause of death, it is counted as a COVID-19 death.


Comparison DAILY global death rate (most numbers rounded).  Many of the non-Covid comparison death rates below are steady and do not substantially change annually while the Covid-19 death rate is recent and seasonal.

  • Cardiovascular = 49,000
  • Cancer = 27,500
  • Smoking = 22,000 
  • Obesity = 8,000
  • Medical error = 7,500
  • Dementia = 7,000
  • Starvation = 6,500
  • Digestive = 6,500
  • Neonatal = 4,900
  • COVID-19 = 4713  (annualized over 7 days and updated on Sunday)
  • Diabetes = 4,000
  • Auto accidents = 3,500
  • Tuberculosis = 3,300 
  • Flu = 2700
  • Pneumonia = 2,500
  • Hepatitis B = 2,500
  • Suicide = 2,200
  • Aids/HIV = 2,100
  • Malaria = 2000
  • Homicide = 1,500
  • Parkinson’s = 1,000
  • Drowning = 1,000
  • Alcohol = 500
  • Drug abuse = 500
  • Prescription drugs taken as prescribed = 300


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